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Trucker Safety Video Unveiled for I-70 in CO: The Mountain Rules

Trucker Safety Video Unveiled for I-70 in CO: The Mountain Rules

DENVER – With winter officially getting underway next Monday, the Colorado Department of Transportation, in partnership with the Colorado State Patrol and Colorado Motor Carriers Association, are distributing a video to help educate truckers on the challenges and best practices for safely traveling the Interstate 70 Mountain Corridor.

The Mountain Rules video includes information on potential hazards truckers may face driving the Corridor year-round, including sudden weather changes such as heavy snowstorms, high winds, poor visibility and avalanches – along with rockfall, wildlife, and wildfires.

“Our mountains can be an immense challenge for all drivers but especially for those who drive semi-trucks. Producing this video as part of The Mountain Rules program is another tool designed to prepare in-state and out-of-state truckers for what they may encounter when driving through the high country,” said CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew. “The mantra is simple – ‘Slow, Steady, Safe for the Long Haul’ – no matter the time of year you’re traveling I-70.”

In addition to the natural hazards, the video also details other challenges truckers may encounter, including chain laws, steep grades and overheated brakes.

“Safety is our first priority and the video reiterates the necessary key practices and what the existing options are when driving the I-70 West corridor, including the availability of runaway truck ramps,” said CSP Colonel Matthew Packard. “Those ramps exist for all commercial carriers. Should your brakes fail, please save lives and use those ramps. You will not be cited by law enforcement for using them in an emergency.”

CDOT’s Freight Office and CMCA are distributing the video to numerous freight industry stakeholders, including state and national trucking companies and associations, Ports-of-Entry, truck driving schools and other educational institutions. It can be viewed at:

"The Mountain Rules video provides an excellent framework for safe driving for truck drivers through the forever changing and unpredictable conditions that one may experience in traveling through Colorado's High Country,” said CMCA President Greg Fulton. “The video provides a great overview of the mountain terrain, geo hazards and extreme weather conditions as well as preparing drivers for snow, wind, rain, chaining up/down and navigating the steep hills to avoid overheating brakes.

We commend CDOT for their work and for partnering with Colorado State Patrol and the Colorado Motor Carriers to enhance the safe travel of Commercial Motor Vehicles in Colorado.”

CDOT, CSP and CMCA would like to thank Colorado truck driver and America’s Road Team Captain Nate McCarty from ABF Freight for narrating The Mountain Rules video.


The Mountain Rules is a strategic and comprehensive safety-focused campaign between CDOT, CSP and CMCA, designed to inform and educate in-state and intra-state trucking companies and drivers of the challenges of driving in Colorado’s mountains. I-70 is serving as the pilot corridor for implementation of new safety elements and protocols. The Mountain Rules video is a key component of the overall campaign.

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