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Truck Drivers deliver what America needs in times of crisis

Truck Drivers deliver what America needs in times of crisis

As many Americans are forced to quarantine, practice social distancing and work from home, our truck drivers aren't afforded those opportunities.

The ones behind the wheel are the ones responsible for keeping the supply chain moving.

From the American Trucking Association:

Over the past week, Americans have rushed to stock up on goods as they prepare to hunker down to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. We've watched schools, businesses, major sports and other cultural pillars come to a complete stop as personal health and well-being take top priority. 

But one thing that won't stop: trucking. Because when trucking stops, all of America stops.

The American trucker sits at a vital intersection in society. They are the critical link between the valued goods we produce and the demands of our most pressing needs. For the healthcare professional tending to the sick, for the mother providing for her family, for the scientist working overnight to develop a vaccine—truckers are sacrificing daily to ensure everyone has the essentials in hand to remain healthy, nourished and productive.

So thank you Truck Drivers, thank you for the sacrifice that you and your families are making to keep America moving

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