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#PMTAProud: PMTA members share the top ways they use membership

#PMTAProud: PMTA members share the top ways they use membership

The time to renew your PMTA membership for 2024 is drawing near. Invoices are set to go out in mid-November. Each day during the last week of September we shared the stories of members who use PMTA membership to make their business better on social media. 

First, Dean Yockey shared about his PMTA experience. He's been a member of PTMA for over 20 years and currently is the manager of training and development at Pitt Ohio. 

"Being in this industry things are changing drastically. If you don't know what's changing or what upcoming regulations could possibly be on the board... it could cost you tremendously. In the industry, there's such a variety of vehicles. You have tankers and flat beds and vans and dry-vans and having that outreach is so important. Whether you meet on a monthly basis or you just have that number that you can call. I've never had an issue where somebody didn't have the time for me. They were always very helpful."

Tuesday, Dan Burns from Liberty Coca-Cola shared that he's dipping his toe into PMTA for the first time. He works as a transportation supervisor and attended an SMC meeting for the first time in September. 

 "My manager's getting ready to retire at the end of the year. He's been a member for years. He thought it would be a good opportunity for me to join and build up my safety knowledge."

Wednesday, Larry Moul took the spotlight. He is now retired, but still holds his position on the Safety Management Council Board. He told us he used his membership to access discounted titling and registration services from Wendy Palermo. She's available any time for companies to ask questions, get advice and help with paperwork. You can call her at 717-970-3226. 

"PMTA can do a lot of background stuff for you. If you just have a few trucks and want to get into PMTA, what it amounts to is they can help you out on a lot of the issues on licensing, weight restrictions. If you don't know it on your own, you can always get ahold of someone at PMTA, the safety director or whoever. They're always backing you up so to speak," Moul said. 

Safety Director John Rigney is available anytime for regulatory or safety and compliance questions at 717-970-3228.

Thursday, Leesa Clark from Grocery Haulers Incorporated shared how PMTA helps make her job as safety manager easier. She's been a PMTA member for about 15 years. 

"The benefits that you get from being a member of PMTA are amazing. They offer a lot of classes so you're constantly being updated on changes in the business and it's the ability to grow and make sure that you're compliant." 

Renewing your membership for 2024 is a great way to be informed on trainings, seminars and classes happening throughout the year. Director of Safety John Rigney always has something on his calendar you and your company can benefit from. Members can register for events and trainings at a discounted rate. Check out upcoming events here:

Ken Martin with NHT Logistics closed out the week. He's been a member of PMTA for about 15 years and is on the Safety Management Council Board. He says PMTA is a one stop shop to help keep your business running.

"PMTA is a great source for regulatory information and supplies such as log books and driver qualification files. One of the services that we've used and found very helpful is vehicle registration. We can buy a new vehicle, come to the PMTA office and walk away with the apportioned plate which is a whole lot better than having to renew the temporary piece of paper that you get." 


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