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Bridge Tolling: Contact your legislators

Bridge Tolling: Contact your legislators

PMTA emailed its members a few weeks ago to inform them that the Public Private Partnership (P3) Board had made the decision to toll bridges on the interstate system and freeways. This is a decision that PMTA very strongly disagrees with. Our industry already pays more than its fair share to operate on Pennsylvania roadways and additional tolls would only add that that increasing cost.

On Friday evening, Senator Michele Brooks and Senator Scott E. Hutchinson issued a memo to the rest of the state senate stating that they would be introducing a Concurrent Resolution to rescind the approval of the transportation projects adopted at the Nov. 12 P3 Board meeting.

Title 74, Section 9104 (c) provides the General Assembly with the option to overturn a P3 Board decision if a Concurrent Resolution passes both chambers within 20 calendar days or nine legislative days, whichever is longer. If both the Senate and the House adopt the Concurrent Resolution within the timeline by majority vote, the transportation project shall be deemed disapproved. This concurrent resolution will need to be addressed early in the new session that beings on Jan. 5, 2021.

Now is the time for you to make your voice heard. Contact your representatives to let them know that you support the Concurrent Resolution to Rescind the P3 Board’s Approval to Toll Bridges. You can find out who your representatives are and how to reach them here.

PTMA will do its part but our voices are stronger when we speak together. 

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