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ATRI: Top 10 Issues in Pennsylvania Trucking

ATRI: Top 10 Issues in Pennsylvania Trucking

Earlier this year, the American Trucking Research Institute released its annual Top 10 Issues in Trucking list. After not being ranked in the top 10 at all in 2021, fuel prices top the list in 2022 followed by the driver shortage and truck parking.

When looking at issues presented by those specifically in Pennsylvania, the list is similar but there are some notable differences. The top 10 issues from Pennsylvanian responses were:

1. Economy
2. Driver Shortage
3. Driver Retention
4. Fuel Prices
5. (Tie) CSA, Driver Distraction and Lawsuit Abuse Reform
8. Transportation Infrastructure/ Congestion/ Funding
9. Independent Contractor Status
10. Truck Parking

While the economy was the fifth largest concern nationwide it topped the list in Pennsylvania. Fuel prices check in at number four on the list in PA still falling behind the driver shortage and driver retention. 

Pennsylvanians are more concerned with Driver Distraction, Transportation Infrastructure and Independent Contractor Status than the rest of the country as those did not even crack the top 13 issues in the national report. 

You can read a more detailed report on the Pennsylvania specific responses to the ATRI study here.

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